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Blog:Liz England

Liz England, AAA game- and level-designer writes about theory and getting into the industry.

Blog: Dave Johnston

Dave Johnston, legendary level-designer who designed de_dust. Writes about multiplayer FPS level design.

Blog: Raph Koster

Raph Koster, game-designer and writer of A Theory of Fun for Game Design blogs about creativity and game design.

Blog:Jon Jones

Jon Jones, game-artist who has some great universal insights into making a killer portfolio.



Theory, articles and portfolios. A must for every level-designer / environment-artist


Looking for inspiration? Work? Feedback? Help? Go here.


Theory-heavy site about anything level-design.

Source SDK community:

A friendly Source SDK mapping community. The tutorials found here taught me Hammer.


Benjamin Bauer: Ben’s small bible of realistic multiplayer leveldesign (PDF)

All-encompassing article describing how to make a multiplayer level from scratch to the end for a realistic setting.

Gamasutra: Secrets of the Sages: Level Design

Level-design tips from the 'Sages' of level design. (Including: Levelord, Romero, Bleszinski)


Video series: Extra Credits

Always insightful videos about a wide array of subjects important in the games-industry.

Video Series:Custom Gamer

Daz walks through custom Quake and Source maps and expertly analyses them.

Video Series:LevelHead


Video Series:Good Game Design

Like LevelHead, explains examplary examples of good game design.

Video:Half Life 2 Level Design Gameplay Analysis

James Partridge shares insights from his favourite Half-Life 2 map.